I couldn’t count less…

The 6:30 alarm rings, instead of getting up he presses the reoccurring snooze. His muscles are sore and his head feels unrested. 7:00am and still no will to get up from the darkness.

The choices are limited today as an appointment needs to be attended to at 9am.

Stumbling out out of bed, like a new born animal trying to walk. Stress levels are high and motivation is low. Breakfast and coffee consumed at high speed.

He makes it to the train station oblivious as to how he got there, it’s now 8:00am. Rush hour! Like a bee hive overflowing with bees, the train is full of people with no apparent use at that moment but to travel. But he is one of the lucky ones who has managed to secure his seat from very early on the train line. Ah alas the morning transportation rush. As if things are not bad enough, it’s raining outside too.

Leaving the train Station, there is a man who appears to be homeless. His hair is scruffy and his hands are dirty. The man is sitting down consuming a sandwich which has obviously been pulled out of the dustbin.

Its countless times, this Man and everyone else are submerged by their own complaints and negative evaluations. There will always be someone better off and someone who has it harder… Its a fact of reality. Be happy with what you have!














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