Starting where I finished….


Its been quite a while since I’ve wrote. I sit here listening to the rain bash of the windows above me, the peace and silence, yet incredible noise. The birds singing outside as if its their last day on Earth they will spend.

The question that I have been asking myself the last few weeks is, is it just me? I start a lot of things, be it hobbies or interests, and then slowly as other things become more important, these hobbies and interests fade into the background.

This blog for instance. I started this blog with great intentions of writing at least once a  week, then… What happened ?

It must be last year since I’ve wrote anything, I finished my German course, I’ve been to Finland, I got Tonsillitis, then got them removed, then then then… Im sure I cannot be the only one that starts little projects and then just “doesn’t seem to find the time anymore”.

But isn’t being mindful that little space where you realise your mind is elsewhere, at that exact moment and time, so maybe its not actually not finding time its just, well, laziness.

You could say that or that its putting priorities first.

Just like todays Weather, Thunder, Rain and Sun. I am forever changing just like everyone and everything else in this timed world.





2 thoughts on “Starting where I finished….

  1. It isn’t just you. A lot of people are in the same boat, including me 🙂 I feel it’s about us wanting to act on interests but often times these interests are momentary, hence we don’t have the burning desire to see it through. But those things that are real, deep interests, we definitely see it through. So I guess it balances it. 🙂


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