Just a Thought…

Just a Thought

Dedicated to “Bee”

The courtroom of thoughts

Their hammer cast

No evidence given

The picture drawn doesn’t exist

Thought thrown in jail for something it didn’t commit

Think Thinking thinking

Constantly talking

Sink sink sinking

Positive or negative

Escape is difficult from behind those bars

When acceptance and clarity seems to long and far

Thought is not guilty for the way I feel

It’s how I react that created this deal

Of Energies, emotions used and abused

Why didn’t I recognise the never ending clues

To feel happy and full

And creep up out of the dull

Feel Clarity and calm

And stop this “thought” alarm

Thoughts did not create that continuous pain

Bickering, snickering and judgmental views where to blame

Fabricated truth invented evidence

Thought is set free

And I can be me


2 thoughts on “Just a Thought…

  1. Very true and fitting thoughts Max!
    Never ever forget you are so special and so you have to learn to see that and feel good about it! Every one of us has demons he/she has to pacify through life ! You can do it so can Tessa ,me Anke ,Simon and Lasse !
    Love ypu


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