My introductory hello to the endless story.



Hello to you all,

After many hours and days pondering on the idea of writing and starting up a blog Ive have finally managed to set one up, with ideas flowing in and out of my head I am super excited to get my endless story going.


What better way to start a blog than for me to introduce myself to you.?

My name is Max, I am 24 years old. For over 4 years now I have been dealing with a mental illness, I will not name it as I think it is irrelevant and its not fitting to label it, mental illnesses have such a broad spectrum that a lot of the time problems and difficulties associated with one illness overlap with another. About 5 weeks ago I decided to move to Germany from London where I had been living and working for the past 3 years. My move came sudden, I started to feel ill again and something inside me was telling me I needed to move out of London. I never loved London it was a stepping stone for me out of Ireland and looking back  now I realise it is a place I could never call home, A neighbour here in Germany described London as  ” ein ameisenhaufen” which translates to an anthill, All along I was just a little worker ant running around. Even though I say this about London It doesn’t mean that London is a bad place, In fact it is just not the right place for me… Moving away did not come easy I had to accept being further apart from certain people that matter a lot to me but I knew this decision would have a positive effect on me in the long run. I was also told that “people come and go in life but the right ones will always stay”, and this is a quote I have with me at all times. My move was not only to escape the hectic lifestyle I lived but also I have now realised is that I want to become someone in life.

I am seeing Germany as a fresh start for me and a stepping stone to my further development.

So Today was the day where it hit me.! As I left my appointment I had this head bursting with thoughts and ideas about this blog. Wouldn’t it be great to write a blog that inspires someone? wouldn’t it be great to spread some positivity or ideas that could help people improve there lifestyle I thought to myself? Even if just one person was to be inspired or says “Hey thanks Max that really helped” I would already feel I have accomplished what I have set out to do with this blog. So why do I feel the need to help or spread positivity? let me explain.. I went through some dark times when my mental illness was in full swing and during this time I had to reach out for help, without that help maybe I would not be where I am today. It made me realise how important help can be. When you generally think of help an image is drawn in my head of somebody falling down and someone rushing over with a hand to help them up. But in reality to me help is so much more complex, For me Help is not always a person or physical thing, help can be anything be it a song, a picture or just some silly old blog 😉 .. The main thing is that what ever we are reading, watching or listening to is that it helps us and makes us feel the way WE WANT TO FEEL…

My inspiration and curiosity for writing comes from someone special in my life who writes daily, They told me that its their form of therapy and after reading a few of their blog posts I gave writing daily a go and… WOW It really amazed me how powerful words can be and also how much you can discover about yourself and your surroundings. Maybe it is our unconscious mind picking up all these things and writing is a method of releasing it?

This blog “An endless Story”  is a project and also a journey,  A project for me to discover myself and also to hopefully inspire some people on the way. Who wants to join in with my journey? If all of this sounds interesting to you then please subscribe to my blog, I aim to put a minimum of 2 blog posts up a week.

Also I need to note that I want this blog to become a social and interactive thing, My blog is not just going to be about me me me but I would also welcome everyone and anyone to join  in. For this reason you will find my email address and a contact form attached to each blog.

Speak soon,



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